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Burdock Root

Did you know the inspiration for velcro actually came from the burdock burr? In 1941 a Swiss gentleman by the name of Georges de Mestral, who was an inventor and engineer often walked in the woods where after he and his dog would be covered with burrs. Wondering if the burrs could be of any use it took almost eight years of research using two strips of fabric, one with thousands of tiny hooks and another with thousands of tiny loops for Georges de Mestral to successfully reproduce the natural attachment. He named his invention Velcro and formally patented it in 1955. Burdock is a family of daisy plants, related to dandelions and chamomile and widely spread throughout Europe and Northern Asia. It is highly valued in both traditional and modern medicine. In the past, burdock roots were used to purify blood, treat rashes, eczema, colds and improve digestive health. Both the roots and the leaves are now widely consumed as culinary vegetables, while burdock flowers are made into herbal infusions. It is a great anti-inflammatory and a natural remedy for respiratory tract problems. It also calms rashes and helps treat eczema. Burdock root is a good source of essential nutrients such as vitamin C, B vitamins, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium which contribute to good overall health.

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